May you receive a whole bunch of yummy surprises in 2014!

The whole team at MBA multimedia agency

Dear visitor

Korrigan colis
Oeil oiseau

a leprechaun has pinched your parcel! He’s not far away, look for him with your mouse and click.

A beautiful winter's morning in the year of 2013

Whatever you do, don't trust Santa's reindeer, we've decided to lay our trust in Ponette, our mascot. The magic of the forest and the strange beings who live there have made him late...

What a shame! He got away.

The leprechauns are as endearing as they are annoying and they don't just live in the forests of Brittany. They are everywhere, even on the west coast, a land less favorable to them. So let's go and find him!

Korrigan colis

I saw the leprechaun diving into the sea. You'll find him, he can't swim. Look for him with your mouse and click.

You missed again! What a shame!

But our Leprechaun is more at home in the countryside than in the city... So it's because he likes pancakes and sausages that he's come back to the city. Too many big buildings, you can tell he doesn't like it.

This time we'll get him. We just have to lock him inside a building and click on him!

Phew, your greetings box is safe and sound!

So Ponette has managed to complete his task. Yet, you know how much trouble he went to in finding your card and how much leprechauns are naughty. Why not send him elsewhere to surprise others !